The winter months are behind us and we’re moving rapidly to some warmer weather. Now’s the time to prepare for an exciting and busy period ahead for us all.
Management has requested that the following issues be addressed as a matter of urgency:

  • To satisfy council requirements, all occupancy agreements are required back to the office by 19th October 2018, as per the phone call from Nicole this week.
  • Cars, caravans, jet skis and/or boats aren’t to be left in driveways unattended when cabin owners are off site.
  • The park speed limit of 10km must be strictly adhered to by all drivers, at all times.
  • Recently, we had issues with dogs wandering around the park off lead, and owners not cleaning up after them and, more seriously, one dog was left barking in a cabin for six hours. Further instances of this nature won’t be tolerated and warning letters will be issued.

Only site holders dogs are allowed in the park. Visitors aren’t permitted to bring dogs.

  • Any planned landscaping or alterations must be approved by the Board prior to the commencement of work. Design drawings can submitted via email to the front office.
  • Each site holders’ building envelope is 19 m by 6 m. No extension beyond this is permitted as per the occupancy agreement.

All office inquiries to be emailed to: